Cool Workshop Bro, brought to you by the Bokeh Bros, is designed to help you grow in technique, refreshing knowledge, and taking your photographic artistry to the next level. Having acquired our own styles through education and a lot of trial and error, we are excited to share the secrets that we have learned along the way. The Bokeh Bros will help you bridge the gap between photos that seem unachievable and stunning photos; you too will be able to take away the knowledge that you gain from this workshop and use it to obtain spectacular images without hesitation. Ryan Moser & Rich Coleman are committed to helping you grow your craft and achieve your goals. They will not only share their secrets but will also provide hands on learning attentively to each individual. So bring yourself, bring your camera, & have fun with The Bokeh Bros!


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“The Bokeh Bros are lighting masters! Every time we hang out I learn something new and useful!” - David Molnar